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PRO-HD - Old

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Our PRO-HD is the brute in our lineup and represents a superior balance of power, speed and cost. Offering the simplicity and lower cost of a chainsaw, paired with the lightning-fast production of machines costing twice as much; we've included features never found on machines at this price and often never found on any processor.

With an integrated DOT tandem axle trailer, and a mighty 74 HP diesel makes the PRO-HD a beast of mobile productivity.
Included with a large 65-gallon capacity hydraulic tank with standard oil cooler ensures your machine will be running at peak efficiency regardless of conditions.

The PRO-HD features our patented Top Roll Clamp paired with our exclusive Chain Driven Back Roller for smooth, trouble-free feeding.
The electric AutoCycle gives the operator predictable performance and impressive speed.


Power Plant 4H50TIC Hatz Diesel - 74HP

Pump (gpm) 3-17-11

Weight (lbs.) 9,200 lbs

Saw (in.) / Chain Gauge 25 Hydraulic/ .404

Top Roll Clamping System Standard

Splitter Cylinder Diameter (in.) 5

Maximum Log Diameter (in.) 24

Trough Length (ft.) 16

Maximum Log Length (ft.) 24

Hydraulic Capacity (gal.) 65

Live Deck (Hydraulic) Standard

Deck Size (ft.) 12L X 8W

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Standard

Electric Auto Cycle Electric

Cycle Time (sec.) 5.9

4-Way Wedge Optional

6-Way Wedge Optional

8-Way Wedge Optional

12-Way Wedge N/A

DOT Lights Standard

Operator's Seat Optional