PRO-HD X - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
PRO-HD X - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
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Engine50 HP Diesel
Weight (lbs.)9,200 lbs
Saw (in.)25 Hydraulic/.404
Top Roll ClampingStandard
Cylinder Bore4" or 5"
Max Log Diameter (in.)24"
Trough Length (ft.)16 ft.
Max Log Length (ft.)24 ft.
Hydraulic Capacity (gal)40 gal
Hydraulic Live DeckStandar
Deck Dimensions (ft.)12L x 8W
Hydraulic Oil CoolerStandard
Cycle Time (sec.)4.1 or 6.1
4 Way WedgeStandard
6 Way WedgeOptional
8 Way WedgeOptional
DOT LightsStandard

The PRO-HD X is very similar to the PRO-HD. One major difference is the electric auto cycle which speeds up the entire process. Like the PRO-HD, it has a 50 HP diesel engine, a three section 22-22-18 hydraulic pump and standard Top Roll Clamping. Cycle times (sec.) of 5.9 or 9.1 for 4” or 5” cylinder bores are offered.

It comes with the standard 4-way wedge with 6 and/or 8 way wedges optional. DOT lights are standard.