Alpha 6

Alpha 6 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
Alpha 6 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
Engine CC630
Pump GPM28
Stroke (in.)26
Cylinder Bore4" or 5"
Oil CoolerStandard
Splitting Force Ton20 or 30
Avg. Cord/Hr2
Block LiftStandard
Electric StartStandard
Wedge LiftStandard
4 Way WedgeStandard
6 Way WedgeOptional
Table Grate Optional
Box Wedge w/ RetractOptional

When you want a high quality, USA made product for your firewood needs, the new Alpha 6 is the best option on the market because of its versatility and production.

For production purposes, the 630CC 20HP engine comes equipped with a 28 GPM pump and a 4” (producing 20 tons of splitting force) hydraulic cylinder, which will average 2 cords/hr.

As far as versatility is concerned, the Alpha 6 comes with improved operator layout and safety features. Our commercial machines now include an adjustable wedge, pull-back arm and hydraulic log lift for maximum ease of use and production quality.

To improve productivity, all Alpha 6 models include an oil cooler. The updated log lift is now larger, with a capacity of 500lbs. The increased operating height of 36” was designed with your comfort in mind, meaning you won’t have to slouch over while operating. While raised, the lift doubles as a worktable.

The new box wedge features a new heavy-duty design with retractor arm that will pump out cord after cord of consistent, quality firewood with minimal effort on your part. The Alpha also supports heavy duty conventional 4- and 6-way wedges.