Alpha 5

Alpha 5 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
Alpha 5 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
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Engine CC390
Pump GPM22
Stroke (in.)26
Cylinder Bore4" or 5"
Oil CoolerN/A
Splitting Force Ton20 or 30
Avg. Cord/Hr1.5
Block LiftStandard
Electric StartStandard
Wedge LiftStandard
4 Way WedgeStandard
6 Way WedgeOptional
Table GrateOptional
Box Wedge w/ RetractOptional

The Alpha 5, a smaller version of the Alpha 6, is ideal for community or multi-family operations. Although it has a slightly slower cycle time, this smaller model offers similar power and performance.

Every Alpha 5 includes log and wedge lifts, plus an optional table grate for maximum ease of use and productivity.
Our Alpha 5 boasts an impressive 6 second cycle time, bundled with a reliable Honda GX-390 and 2 stage 22 GPM pump. It has a 4” bore (producing 20 tons of splitting force) hydraulic cylinder, which will average 1.5 cords/hr.

Our log lift doubles as a workstation, giving you the ability to maintain maximum productivity with a supportive hand to help keep your Alpha loaded.