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Alpha 5 - Old Do Not Use

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Every Alpha 5 includes a log lift, table grate and wedge lift for maximum ease of use and productivity. 

Our Alpha 5 boasts an impressive 6 second cycle time, bundled with a reliable Honda GX-390 and 2 stage pump. 

Our log lift doubles as a work station, giving you the ability to maintain maximum productivity with a supportive hand to help keep your Alpha loaded.


Wt./Dimensions 2100 lbs. 48"(H) x 52"(W) x 118" (L)

Splitting Tons 20 or 30

Engine Size GX-390

Pump (gpm) 22 GPM 2 Stage

Hydraulic Tank Capacity (gal) 25 gal

Maximum Log Length 24"

Cylinder Size 4x2.75x26 (5x3x26 Option)

Cycle Time (sec) 6 (10 w/ 5" Option)

4-Way Wedge Optional

6-Way Wedge Optional

Log Lift Standard

Table Grate Standard

Wedge Lift Standard