PRO-MPX D - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment


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The PRO-MPX-D is our entry level firewood processor but there isn’t anything entry level about the way we built it.

Made with Hatz engines and made to process North American hardwoods, our processors have the power and built to back up our claims.

The torsion resistant integrated tubular frame trailer tows easily down the road all while staying stable during operation.

Our 3 strand live deck can hold nearly a cord of 24’ log length. This means less time loading your machine and more time at the controls working with firewood.

Our diesel version come standard with electric AutoCycle and Hydraulic Oil Cooler.


Power Plant 3H50TIC Hatz - 56 HP Diesel

Pump (gpm) 23-7-11

Weight (lbs.) 6,700

Saw (in.) / Chain Gauge 25 Hydraulic/ .404

Top Roll Clamping System Stanard

Splitter Cylinder Diameter (in.) 5

Maximum Log Diameter (in.) 24

Trough Length (ft.) 16

Maximum Log Length (ft.) 24

Hydraulic Capacity (gal.) 35 gal

Live Deck (Hydraulic) Standard

Deck Size (ft.) 12L X 8W

Hydraulic Oil Cooler Standard

Electric Auto Cycle Electric

Cycle Time (sec.) 5

4-Way Wedge Optional

6-Way Wedge Optional

8-Way Wedge N/A

12-Way Wedge N/A

DOT Lights Standard

Operator's Seat Optional