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Alpha 6

Alpha 6 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment
Alpha 6 - Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment

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Product Description

The Alpha Series is our top of the line log splitter. Available in either 12 or 20 HP models this machine is our only machine that can be equipped with our innovative box wedge with auto- retract arm. This machine is the ultimate in log splitter technology and will provide years of reliable service.


Base Model Alpha 5 Alpha 6
Engine Power (HP) 11.7 20.7
Pump Flow (GPM) 22 28
Stroke (in.) 26 26
Cylinder Bore (in.) 4 or 5 4 or 5
Splitting Force (ton) 19 or 29 19 or 29
Average Output 1.5 Cord/Hr 2 Cord/Hr
Oil Cooler N/A Standard


Standard Features
Block Lift

The hydraulically powered block lift can be installed on either side of the machine for the ultimate in flexibility. It is constructed out of 3/16" plate and is designed to handle in excess of 500 lbs. The block lift can lift large block and act as a staging table to increase productivity.

Hydraulic Wedge Lift

The hydraulically powered wedge lift provides the operator with finger tip control to lift and lower any of the available wedges through 8"of travel. This allows the operator to produce quality firewood no matter the size of wood with minimal effort.

Dual Jacks

The Alpha comes equipped with dual heavy duty jacks to provide both a stable work platform and to facilitate connecting to a tow vehicle. The jacks feature a large base plate so that they can be operated on the most rugged terrain with minimal damages.

Oil Cooler

The Alpha 6 comes equipped with a thermostatically controlled oil cooler to assist in maintaining proper fluid condition. Heat is the enemy of any hydraulic system as it causes seals to break down and turn brittle as well as causing premature fluid degradation. With this large oil cooler the Alpha is able to maintain a comfortable temperature no matter the outside conditions. 

4-Way Wedge

The standard four way wedge is over 21" wide and is constructed out of AR-400 steel with the wings being 1/2" thick and the center wedge being 1" thick. This wedge is a jack of all trades being equally at home splitting small round or large blocks. It truly provides the operator with the utmost of flexibility.

  • For more information on AR-400 steel click here
Honda GX-630 - 20.7 HP Gas Engine
Honda GX-630

The legendary Honda GX-630 motor is the most reliable gasoline engine on the market. Generating 20.7 HP at 3600 RPM this engine provides ample power for all day firewood splitting. With its large air cleaner and 36 blade cooling fan this machine is capable of running at high loads all day in the most challenging of conditions. Its external automotive style oil filter and supreme build quality will provide years of trouble free service backed by Honda's outstanding product support.

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Optional Features
6-Way Wedge

For the customer that want to make good quality firewood with the fewest strokes possible this is the wedge for them. Sharing the same robust structure as our Four way wedge, an additional two wings are welded 3" above the horizontal wings on the 4 way allowing the machine to produce 6 pieces of wood with every stroke. AR-400 steel is used throughout.

  • For more information on AR-400 steel click here
Box Wedge

All Alpha woodsplitters come equipped from the factory with the capability of accepting the box wedge with ease. This innovative wedge and pull back arm system allows the operator to produce 4" pieces of firewood with minimal re-handling. This is made possible by the the floating pull back arm and box wedge which allow large blocks to be cycled through the machine with minimal handling.

  • For more information on AR-400 steel click here
4" Bore, 2.75" Rod 26" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

The standard 4" cylinder provides up to 37,680 lbs of splitting force. With its 2.75" rod for fast retract speeds this cylinder can perform a full cycle through wood in less than 5 seconds.  The cylinder as large 1.25" ports reducing the amount of back pressure further increasing the speed. Ideal for most species and sizes of trees providing the highest possible output.

5" Bore 3.5" Rod 26" Stroke Hydraulic Cylinder

This optional cylinder provides up to 58,875 lbs of splitting force. With its 3.5" rod for fast retract speeds this cylinder can perform a full cycle through wood in less than 8 seconds. The cylinder has large 1.25" ports  reducing the amount of back pressure further increasing speed. Ideal for the largest of rounds from tree service operations this cylinder provides the highest possible splitting force to tackle the gnarliest of blocks. 

Table Grate

Our optional bolt on table grates are constructed out of heavy gauge pipe and 3/16" plate steel. 40" wide and 36" wide, this accessory is designed to both clean out the debris from the firewood and provide a catch pan to allow for easy re-splits. This is one of our most popular options.

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