Product Description

The HD-Series of log splitter features quick cycle times, high operators height for easy all day operation and heavy duty robust construction. Each HD splitter comes standard with both a log and wedge lift. When combined with legendary Honda power there really is no competition for when you are ready to step up to a commercial grade log splitter.


Base ModelTW-5HD
Engine Power (HP)11.7
Pump Flow (GPM)22
Stroke (in.)26
Cylinder Bore (in.)4" or 5"
Cycle Time (Sec)8 or 10
Splitting Force (ton)19 or 29
Average Output Cord/Hr1.5

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Standard Features

Comfortable Operators Height
  • With a work platform at 36” this machine allows for all day wood splitting with no bending over
  • Combined with well positioned valve this machine is much easier to operate than any of our competitors machine’s
Self Centering Splitting Chamber
  • The unique design of our splitting chamber allows for any size block to be held center with minimal interference required from the operator
  • Large blocks are held in place by the 1/2″ steel plates of the tray
  • Small blocks are held in place by our unique central channel ensuring hands free operation when splitting rounds
  • Improves both speed and safety
Oil Impregnated Nylon Wear Parts
  • Reduced friction provides near infinite life on the splitter beam and push block
  • Increases splitter force into the wood due to less force required to overcome friction
Large Hydraulic Tank
  • 25 gallon hydraulic reservoir provides ideal fluid conditioning to keep the oil cool and froth free
  • Internal baffles to eliminate vortices
  • Large filler breather to allow for ultimate filtration of airborne contaminants with each stroke
  • Site-level gauge with thermometer to monitor fluid condition and level
Hydraulic Wedge Lift
  • 8″ of total height adjustment
  • Enables operator to fine tune the split for higher quality product
Hydraulic Block Lift
  • Easily Fold up for transport; no pins, simply fold over the splitting area
  • Easily Lift 500 lb
  • Leave it up as a convenient table to increase production
  • Easily install block lift on either side to fit your needs
Valve Cover
  • Improves Operator Safety
  • Protects expensive valves and hoses from damage due accidents and/or UV rays
  • Contains built in pressure gauge to allow operator to monitor splitter effort
  • Easily removed for maintenance purposes
Honda GX-390
4-Way Wedge
  • Standard Wedge creates 4 pieces with easy split
  • Ideal for smaller diameter logs, creating boiler wood, or breaking down large blocks
  • AR400 Construction, Machined Edges. Read about AR400 here
  • Easily Interchangeable; no tools required

Optional Features

6-Way Wedge
  • Optional Wedge to produce smaller pieces with fewer strokes
  • AR400 Construction, Machined Edges. Read about AR400 here
  • Easily Interchangeable; no tools required
4″ Cylinder
  • Fastest Cycle times
  • Ideal for smaller diameter wood with any of our wedges
5″ Cylinder
  • Highest Spitting Force
  • Can Split most any block with any of our wedges
  • Slower Cycle Times
Table Grate
  • 32″ Long
  • Tube Construction
  • Cleans out debris prior to wood going into a conveyor
  • Catches logs that need to be re-split
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