Firewood Splitter Tonnages - Myths and Realities

Many manufactures advertise a tonnage on their machines which is misleading. The vast majority of log splitters are powered by hydraulics. This is one of the most effecient methods of taking high RPM rotary power into a force linear motion. 
The force of a hydraulic cylinder is determined by two things:

  • Maximum System Pressure
  • Area of the Bore of the Cylinder

All Timberwolf Machines run at a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI.  We use 4" bore cylinder and 5" bore cylinders. To determine the force of each of these cylinders all one has to do is multiply the area of cylinder by the pressure.

  • For a 4" cylinder you have an area of 12.56 inches x 3000 equals 37,680 lbs which is equal to 18.8 tons
  • For a 5" cylinder you have an area of 19.375 inches x 3000 equals 58,125 lbs or 29.1 tons

While there are few reputable manufactures who run higher system pressures, the vast majority of log splitters on the market run at or below 3000 psi - most big box store splitters are set no higher than 1500 psi. SO when one is comparing splitters please verify the system pressure and bore size of the cylinder before taking the word of the manufacturer as to their tonnage.