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TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor

TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor
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TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor Hydraulic Top Drum Drive TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor - Durable Ruff Top Belting TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor Control Panel TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor Shown With TW-6 Log Splitter

The new TWC-12 firewood conveyor features an 20" rough top flat or paddle belt, an Easy-Start Honda GC engine, hydraulic powered lift, and the hydraulic top drum drive. The combination of the Honda engine and top drum makes it much easier to start in cold weather, because you're only turning over the engine when you start the machine—not the entire belt system.


Honda Power Plant
GC 160
Hydraulic Top Drum Drive
Ruff Top Belting
Ruff Top Belting with 1" Cleats
Chain and Crossbar Transport
Minimum Height
Maximum Height
Chip Separator
DOT Lights
Runs Off Processor Hydraulics

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